Funny, I’m Not Getting Bored with the Donald

So creative my friends MOTUS and Ace are. Politics are fun again.


I’m still on the Trump Train, stayed tuned for more :)


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Coming Soon !

A new Washington D.C. luxury hotel and quite possibly … Trump! Or both? (h/t Dora). Here’s few photos of this historic adventure that could quite possibly be the Grrreatest Hotel in D.C !


From Sept 2013 USA Today covers this artful deal:

Also, a history of the Old Post Office:

More information on rooms and reservations, it’s already been classified a 5-Star Hotel !


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Live, From Saturday Night…It’s Donald Trump!!

Preview fun…


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Trump Book Signing , So Thrilled and Jealous for my Friends Tom and Dora!


Yay, I think this worked*. It’s such a lovely tribute to Trump that his supporters travel far and wait in line for hours and The Donald is so happy to see them.

*I’m photo/share challenged.


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SNL Trump Promos are out…..

Here’s a link. Not fancy for a blog, but all the links to video releases are crashing right now…

WHD: Crashed….

Keep adding your Trumpkins links here …


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Keep Calm and Just Like the Good Polls :)

This one from today is Trumpalicious…. h/t Venus at TCH.

And in today’s fauxrage against Trump….

Yes, he borrowed a million dollars from his dad, and turned it into over a billion dollars. Nobody’s worried about the Clintons taking money from nations who abuse women and Mrs. Clinton is campaigning on helping women? Well smacking my head on this media kerfluffle.

Dr. Carson is a 7th Day Adventist, The Donald didn’t know anything about that religion, translated in the media, Trump Attacks Carson’s religion.

Today’s Trump Event:


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Yay, another Gorebal Warming “denier” ! (h/t Dora at TCH)

Nobody’s blaming Bush for 9-11, but I blame the MSM for living rent free in The Donald’s head. Pay attention, Bush was President on 9-11-01, that’s a fact. It’s the media (and Team Jeb!) saying DJT is blaming GWB. And we all appreciate Team GWB’s response by not blaming a video, the rest is history.


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