Footgolf ! It’s coming here….

Well, it’s in Northern Virginia now.

“The premise is exactly the same as regular golf,” says Mark Wesolek, regional manager for Billy Casper Golf.

“You kick the ball off the tee as your tee shot, make an approach shot and ideally two-putt to make a par on a par-4 hole.

Footgolf is, essentially, a hybrid of soccer and golf.

“You play it down,” Wesolek says. “Regular golf rules apply.”

Two footgolf courses opened this spring in Northern Virginia: General’s Ridge, in Manassas, and Lake Ridge Golf Course, in Woodbridge.

“The excitement is huge. It’s going to be the sport of the year,” says Marcy Janet, general manager at General’s Ridge Golf Course.

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Fail Safe: 1964: Really? 50 years ago?

Just a little movie thing, still creeps me out. I was doing Duck and Cover long before this came out.

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From the Trenches of a Working Child

Just love when son sends me email photos from his locations around the worrrrld, always with a clip…NOT FOR FACEBOOK OR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA…therefore, I honor his request…Bazinga!


Stay safe son !


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Easter Blessings: From the Original Garden of Good and Evil* : Gethsemane


So, what really happened at Gethsemane?

With a h/t to myiq’s TCH and querying the meaning of Good on the Friday of Jesus’crucifixion of this most Holy of the Christian Holy seasons, I turned to the Scriptures of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. When I was a practicing Catholic, this movie was banned, today it remains an inspiration to me. Over 40 years later, I never stopped believing, just embracing the inner feel good stuff. It works :D

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All Hail Shelby Fluffy’s “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” (video from 2011)

So, how are we doing so far? I saw over at White House Dossier another livestream/campaign road trip by our President promoting, wait for it, jobs! I missed it, but whenever I hear about Obama concerned about jobs, I think of Shelby Fluffy. I have a feeling I didn’t miss anything…new.


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The Sad Taxpayer Money Story of Green Energy Failures

Below the graphic is a chart listing the green companies that have gone or going belly up. Why are no venture capitalists (like the evil Romney or Koch Brothers) rescuing them? Why isn’t Soros, or Gore, or any other gazillionaires on the left? Why is Congress so complacent allowing these boondoggles to go on ? What is that black helicopter doing flying over my house ?

Thank you Walter from Twitter.


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Happy Spring You All !

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