WTF, I’ll Just Follow REAL Royals for the next 3 Weeks

It doesn’t get harder than this, so here’s some links…

..while the Obamas travel to the flyover states and empty their ATM machines…

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It Was a Good Run Dave and About Time You Retired

David Letterman announced his retirement today and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like the battered wife who stayed in the marriage too long, like his real wife. But I digress…

Been a long time fan since his morning show in the early 80′s, which was way ahead of it’s time, I was still a rabid liberal then, with a newborn! I grew up, Dave didn’t. Best of luck on your future, with love to you, Harry and Regina.


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Fort Hood Breaking 2.0

How does this keep happening under the Obama Watch ?

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HowIMetYourMother <<<Another Disappointing Finale? Nope!

According to the Twitter feed on #HIMYMFinale celebration last night (3-31), it was more of a mass fan suicide. I disagreed. I was never a rabid follower of the show, but did know the characters and ho-hum. I did watch the finale and thought it was pretty cool. For those of you still trying to slit your wrists with a twizzler, move on with the actors, not the characters…’s a sneak peek…now cherish them.

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Muppets on a Cookie Revolution ?

H/T Les Mis

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Snakes on an Ark !

I’m seeing this Tuesday….

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March 29, 2014 · 4:03 pm

This Cracks Me Up Whenever I see an Obama Motorcade…

….I think of the King’s Motorcade theme from Coming to America, glad someone else did too. Very funny !


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