I Found “Hillary’s” Campaign Theme Song !

Not quite thinking about tomorrow, but a lovely ode to a re-run.  I love Broadway and back stories, here’s a press junket preview of a Rock of Ages’ rehearsal.  I chose this over the slick 2009 Tony Award performance, because, you know, it’s just about us in the raw, not quite refined, because Hills is like US ;)

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I’ve Decided to Run for the 2016 Democratic Nomination for President, aka, How Hard Could it Be?

No, seriously.  After a chuckle or ten about the Rent’s Too Damn High guy, who actually got votes in 2012, I thought, well, WTF, I’m as qualified as he is ….and Hillary, aka, HRod.  Though I did leave the Dems in ’08, no offense, the Dems threw Hillary into that glass ceiling that made all those cracks.

Here are my qualifications, I’m serious, still, you elected Obama, gah!

I can be a #WINNING candidate too….

1. I’m Hillary’s age, fer crissakes, Vote for GRANDMA you ageist Republican/TeaBaggers !

2. I’m a Mom (3 kids, one of each), oh yeah, I have a special* one too. *Wraps up the SSI and other entitlement supporters. Got a problem with that, fine, I’ll send Special Greg to you to raise.  He’s 42 and still wets the bed, sigh.

3. 3 Grandkids, 2 more than Granny Hill, and one’s an Hispanic mix (I got Florida and New York, maybe L.A.?)  She’s only 4, not sure if she’s in a gang yet?  Give her time, she’s only in a Brooklyn pre-school.  The other two are elites, they’re only 12, but hey, can grab some Wall Street/OWS votes, eh?

4. I’m straight, love my gays, as long as they don’t make me “marry” them.  Abortion?  I spit out my own 3, including Special Greg, but he was an October Surprise long before Abortion became a sport.  Also, his “condition” is still not diagnosed in the Gosnell clinics to this day.  Oh wait, thank goodness, what a loss that would have been to me.

5.  Foreign Policy?  Spent my entire life as a military dependent, my i.d. card has never expired. Great Uncles, Civil War and beyond,  Grandpa was a Doughboy in WW1, Dad, Mom, WW2, Dad went on to Korea and Vietnam, stupid me, married a Vietnam veteran, between his tours in ’69, then came the Middle East…gah.  I think my foreign policy is better than Hilly’s…..ya’think ?

6.  Read Hillary’s “Living History”.  Not the Carly Fiorina rip off “Hard Choices”.  As a Fellow Senior-ita, like Hills, enjoyed the ride from the  40’s til Bill.

7.  Unlike Hills, I dropped out of college to become a Capitol Hill staffer.  Got hired by a lovely man, a freshman Rep from Illinois while I was in the House Employment office looking to “volunteer” in the Capitol’s Cafeteria, bussing tables, doing dishes, mopping floors.  True story, I was in school down the street, just wanted to be part of the “government”, at 18, I copped a job that paid more than my friends’ starting salaries as school teachers 4 years later.

8. I worked my ass off for another 5 years in the trenches of Gov jobs, working/dating losers (unlike Hillary, bless her heart, she had no clue in the late 60’s, grabbed the lovable nerd, Bill. #Winning.)  I worked harder and smarter, grabbed a war hero.

9. Where am I?  Oh yeah, 1969, and never looked back.

10. My VP Choice is Cripes Suze. My Press Sec, Keith Koffler. My Golf partner, wait, I don’t play golf, is myiq. I’ll keep my husband in my Virginia Beach home and I’ll spend every freaking vacay between VB and Camp David.

11. Vote for Me, Me, Me. !

12.  Thank you for your vote, I won’t let you down :D


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Ben Carson: My *Dream* Mayor of Detroit

First, read his book “One Nation” order here.

Now watch his intro announcing his candidacy for running for President in 2016….

Did you get it ? If not, here’s the skinny on Detroit via Eminem…
“…you got just one shot,one opportunity” ;) From the movie, 8 Mile.

…and the trailer…

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Even being an Accidental Hero takes hard work and perseverance

This is not just another post Super Bowl XLIX blah-blah-blah, crappy commercials and halftime show aside, this should be the biggest story from the game, Malcolm Butler, especially in the year of Ferguson riots and #HandsUpDontShoot mentalities on the streets.

From the Washington Post

Butler, 24, had completed an inconceivable path from batter cook to Division II standout to undrafted rookie to Super Bowl hero. Sunday night, Butler sealed the Patriots’ 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks with an interception at the goal line with 20 seconds remaining, both the deciding play of a classic Super Bowl and the culmination of Butler’s self-made ascension.

It’s a very inspiring backstory about this young man, share it with the young people in your life, whatever their color or gender, Mr. Butler is an inspiration for them. He was for me :)

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Free Community College or 14 Years of High School ? Nope. Dumb Move.

Or you have a cooooool school ;)

So fun, but not reality…bear with me…or bare with me…did high school make that difference? /snork

I have a better idea and much experience in education, even though I’m not an educated educator, I raised three kids in the public/private/public school system, one of each.  (Middle child was “special” so this is not about him, maybe later).

It was my youngest and only daughter, she was so hot to trot in high school at 16, in the 90’s, but my lightbulb just went on after Oblahma’s promises of more FREE CRAP.  Back to daughter, she wanted to drop out of public high school in her sophomore year, work full time and finish her h.s. diploma on the G.E.D program at night.  I remember going very verklempt on her….NO, you must finish high school EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE NOT HAPPY OR GETTING ANY SMARTER THAN YOU ARE NOW !  (Translation:  What will the neighbors think?).

Yeah, she was only 16, already making $12/hr as a lifeguard at the local Y. Her h.s. grades suffered down to a 2.8 GPA, sophomore year, while she worked at Taco Bell to pay for her certification. Still 2 more years of h.s…..she graduated at 17, barely. Off to college in NYC, we paid tuition, she worked as a lifeguard at the hoity-toity hotels to pay for room/board/partying. By 19, she “served” two years in college, dropped out…..yada, yada, yada…. now, at 34, she’s wildly successful….

Yes, I bring this up, because not every “special snowflake” needs 12 years of high school or, gasp, 14. I think High School should stop at 10th grade, not the 14th.

AP kids to community college.
At Risk kids to VoTechs
Those in the middle…whatever’s making them happy, and it isn’t in 11th and 12th grade…so give them a choice :D

Sidebar: DD was also an accomplished competitive figure skater since she was in grade school, from the local rinky dink to a year in Lake Placid, she retired at 15, but had enough “EXPERIENCE” to be a “volunteer” coach of the Harlem FSC and Brooklyn Ice programs for underserved children in those NYC boroughs. She continues to teach to this day.

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My Baby turned 15 Today

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Post-Racial Seasons Greetings From Ferguson *


H/T MOTUS* for the image which is the cousin of the image at The Crawdad Hole. Tis the season !

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