Rand Paul and the *Looney* Left, Can It Work?

Stumbled on Huffington Post today and found…..

H. A. Goodman,
Columnist and journalist published in Salon.com, The Hill’s Congress Blog, and other publications. Author of Logic of Demons http://www.hagoodman.com

Now here’s s/he’s frilliant post on Huffpo (sorry H.A. in this day of Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes, couldn’t tell by your photo….)

I’m a Liberal Democrat. I’m Voting for Rand Paul in 2016. Here Is Why.

It’s a great read. We need to reach out to these a’holes ;) I found myself agreeing with H.A.’s “the deal is off if Paul selects Huckabee as his running mate”. So cute <3

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Dear Hillary, Please Don’t Run For President

Girlfriend, I’m your age, I think about a few days older. I just got around to reading your book, Living History, and I LOVED that Hillary, you are a role model for young women in that book.

Fun reading what our parallel lives were like, we both came from loving and strong faith based families. You went on to an elite girly college while I was flunking out of secretary school. I was bored, but that landed me a job on Capitol Hill before you! Yes it was convenient my school was in downtown DC, so barcrawling in Georgetown was networking in those days. Yes, the Capitol Hill Employment office was recruiting anyone who could type more than 30 words a minute (Thank you Wilbur Mills )

Sorry, I’m not going to read Hard Choices because I may have given up on you, along with the Dem Party, about that time. You know that time, when you left many of your supporters at the altar of the Obama Greek Columns and Throne and decided to “work” on his team? (I so wanted you to Teddy his Jimmy all the way to the 2008 Dem Convention floor, you would have lost (?), stayed in the Senate,maybe go on to be the NY Gov (?) Sorry, coulda,woulda,shoulda, huh?

And loving congratulations to you new Grandma, there’s nothing more special. My daughter’s Chelsea’s age, but we threw her out of the house when she was 17 (in that send her to a NYC college because she’s so much smarter than us way, Way!). She did fine, like mom, got bored after a coupla years, dropped out, started a girlie band, went homeless, started a business and became a Rock Star with her own blood and tears. And a few years later, and NYT Item She lives in BushwickBK now and I’m sure has worked her arse off harder than Chels.

Don’t run for President, Obama ruined that for all of us. Do a Sarah, have fun slinging arrows across the bow. I know I am. Love you Hills, but just stop.


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…a non-related death makes you sad too.

Mrs. Wolowitz died today

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Shorter Midterms: 2014

I’ve been going to the Lez Miz “reference” play/movie/ since 2000. Message sent Obama, did you hear the people sing?

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Joanie, We Hardly Knew Ya….1973…The Original Mean Girls



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Ooops, Guess the msm-media missed this in 2009 too ?

Yeah, before the IRS audits….

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It’s Why I Follow Crawdad and other Recovering Dems

Lazy me, below my comment on TCH

Ok, while we’re on the topic of Flood Control of the New Dem Stupidity and Hypocrisy, here’s a local NYC news story……very liberal site, but the comments give me hopeyness :)


Just to give you an idea, this is in Alphabet City which butts up to Uber-Liberal-Obama-Swooning-Bundler Sarah Jessica Parker’s Village mansion, give or take a few blocks. NYC is a similar run city like our Detroit and Chicago. Also,

My daughter’s first apartment was in the lower East Side (les) that she shared with 3 girls to split the rat-infested $2800/mo rent for a 400 SQft 2 bedroom with a combined kitchen/bathroom <—true story, a bathtub, toilet and kitchen were one room. And there was only one window, with an air shaft view, never got sunlight at all. Yes I visited it, at the time, I was a liberal Kos-sack type of Mom. Still, STILL, I told the girls this was WRONG, report your landlord immediately, they couldn't, or they would be evicted! They "feared" the landlord, though they had the "law" on their side, it was a disgusting place, people in third world countries had better building codes. This was 1999-ish. All these girls have Moved On Up since….but I digress….

Back to the linky, this doctor has been serving the-pay-what-you-can LES for 20 years and someone's trying to shut him down with pesky tax stuff? Where are those Obama donors when you need them? And where is my NotYourSweetie pal's outrage? I miss her <3

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