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“Oh say can you see…Obama’s balloons bursting in air….?”

Ok, sez Newsweek’s Howard Fineman, though I doubt he was humming the Star Spangled Banner as he mused on his keyboard…

Bursting Obama’s Balloons
Just a few reasons why the president-elect needs to lower expectations.

Though I didn’t support Obama, nor vote for him, I don’t want any balloons bursting in 2009-2012. I want the guy to do good, for the gosh darn sake of my country, you betcha. But of course, my expectations were already low when PEBO won.

Howie continues:

I understand why Barack Obama was lingering over the shave ice in Hawaii. Once he hits the ground here in Washington, his famous aloha spirit is going to be tested even before he is inaugurated.

No one has come to Washington draped in loftier expectations—or facing a more challenging and ever-growing to-do list. Obama and his aides are determined to send a jolt of electricity through the city, but the realities get more immobilizing by the minute.

In Washington, Republicans don’t want to be viewed as obstructionists, but don’t want to be patsies, either. And globally, the drift of events is not necessarily in the president-elect’s direction.

Ya mean, Republicans don’t want to be viewed as “racists” don’cha ? Also, I’ve noticed the drift of events is not necessarily in Teh PEBO’s direction here in the USAbelly either.

Mr. Fineman does scribble many suggestions to help the President Elect, and you can wallow with him at the link. I hope Barry reads them :)

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