PETA’s Missed Opportunity

Oh you know they’d make the Sarah Palin Turkeygate a hot topic on their blog, but how disappointing they railed against her and not use it to promote their latest campaign….industrialized turkey farming abuses.

On Dan Shannon’s blog, he gets all huffy about what….meeting our meat?  In fact, he fails to acknowledge, Sarah was at a small free range farm where turkeys live a rather pleasant life before they’re HUMANELY slaughtered.  Why not thank her Dan, because I do agree with one of your commenters….

“Sarah Palin did more for PETA in 5 minutes than any other political figure EVER.”

Yes she did.

So why not just roll out your latest campaign wrapped neatly in a Sarah bow while the media knives are hot.  Otherwise, the public will still think that Butterballs grow on trees.  Now, go get those bad guys and leave people like Sarah alone.  She is truly a conservationist, not always a PETA friendly topic, but better than the inhumane industrialized “murder for profit” groups that you are so much more effective against.

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