My Favorite Christmas Movies

Pre-Season warm-up: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

1. Polar Express

2. Bad Santa

3. Christmas Vacation

4. Elf

5. March of the Wooden Soldiers

6. Jack Frost

7. Santa Claus: The Movie

8. While You Were Sleeping

9. The Family Stone

10. Trading Places


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4 responses to “My Favorite Christmas Movies

  1. libby

    FYI Polar Express will air several times over the next week. I’m watching it right now on ABC

    My listings below, but yours will most likely be different. Hope you can catch it.I’ll probably watch it again. I love all things Tom Hanks

    11 WFTS Fri 11/28 8:00 PM
    20 WFTV Sun 11/30 12:30 PM
    52 FAM Tue 12/2 6:00 PM
    52 FAM Tue 12/2 8:30 PM
    40 DISN Thu 12/4 8:00 PM
    40 DISN Fri 12/5 12:00 PM

  2. libby

    I didn’t realize that the little girl in the Polar Express is Marvin Gaye’s Daughter, Nona.

    Isn’t that something. He was one of my first musical loves. Oh how time flies

  3. DeniseVB

    Thanks libby! I am so the alternative holiday, glad you are too. Polar Express was panned by the critics, and it will become a classic despite them 🙂

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