Obama on a Unicorn !

A Victory Unicorn !

Dan Lacey, brings us more of his inspirational, Painter of Pancakes, faithmouse based art……I’m guessing June 3, 2008 was the approximate date of the birth of P.U.M.A too?



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5 responses to “Obama on a Unicorn !

  1. Nothing says Christmas like a signed 11 by 17 inch Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn’ Victory Print by Dan Lacey.

    As a bonus, the artist will include a hand drawn ‘Faithmouse’ cartoon sketch with every order.

    Shipping included.


  2. Funny! I actually watched the entire video at his site to figure out his thing. because – as times are so sad – _ I wasn’t sure whether there was satire in this painting – or simply pure worship (I am still not quite sure).
    PUMA, BTW was 2 days old by June 3rd

  3. P.S. Adding you on my blogroll

  4. DeniseVB

    Thanks “sweetie” just added yours!

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