Hooters boots battered waitress over bruises

Well darn, as if …. domestic. abuse. not. pretty. enough. ? Where’s NOW when you need them? Ugh.

via Newser this “gem” from the Des Moines Register:

An Iowa judge has awarded unemployment benefits to an assaulted Hooters waitress who says she was fired because her bruised “body wasn’t up to par.” Managers testified that the black eye and facial bruising Sara Dye suffered in a domestic violence dispute violated the company-mandated “glamorous appearance” and “all-American cheerleader look,” the Des Moines Register reports.

Also at issue was Dye’s hair, which had been partially cut off in the assault. The Hooters handbook states hair “needs to be styled as if you’re going out on a big date on a Saturday night, as if you’re preparing for a photo shoot.”

Oh, and the DMR didn’t spend anytime looking for the “abuser”. Sounds like the 2007 Iowa Primary coverage huh?

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