Laura Bush’s Recycled Powder Room Drapes !?


I love Michelle, but today, not her fashion choice. I think my alter-ego at Capitol Hill said it best:

But the catty bit*h in me absolutely hated Michelle’s recycled Laura’s powder room drapes outfit. REALLY?Lemongrass brocade and lace? What was girlfriend thinking? Don’t get me started on the pea green matching gloves and shoes. I have a 52 inch HD LCD XYZ TV, and I could take my eyes off the NEW JACKIE O FASHION LEADER! So sez the media, but I digress.

Michelle is a lovely woman, but would have loved to see her in a more flattering Hillary tailored number today, which would match the event. Striking and TALL, I think she would have looked FAB (Mary Quant mod? with contrasting trim?) in a tailored double breasted full length coat with some kickass boots with a chubb heel for walking and stair climbing….sorta like this?

And a hat! Her hair was out of control ! A little “Carrie Bradshaw” edgey would have been welcomed today. You can hate the color, or you can hate the style, but not both.

But in the spirit of the day, we have your back FLOTUS

Most of us can’t afford $1500 designer duds for one event, and unless it’s appearing on your personal bank card, I have every right to to my personal snark 🙂

Godspeed Obama Family. Sigh.

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