I Pledge! To go batsh*t insane first…..

…..good causes all, but I’m not going to Pledge to Serve the Leader.

More about the video here.


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10 responses to “I Pledge! To go batsh*t insane first…..

  1. Wow. What does this say about the current generation??

    I mean… I already do alot of those things. But, I don’t need to pledge to “The One” in order to do them.

    I’m suddenly very sad….

  2. “To be a servant to the president?” Isn’t this a bit upside down? isn’t the POTUS supposed to be a servant to We the People?

  3. Oh, and the other cringeworthy moment as identified as the souce

    Anthony Kiedis (thanks to teen daughter for identifying him) kissing his biceps (which he seems to have named Barack and Obama)

  4. Ewwww, Edge. That totally creeps me out. Kissing biceps named Barack & Obama.

    Gaga me will ya?

  5. DeniseVB

    Hey edge and syd ! Glad I’m not the only one who finds this particular Oprah project disturbing.

    Does the Ashton Kutcher appearance mean we’ve been “punked”…lol.

  6. Zathras

    You know, the last time we saw such devotion to a leader was in 1930’s Germany…and we all know how that turned out. This current crop of cultists that worship at the feet of the Anointed One would have no problem in countries such as North Korea or Cuba where such things are expected and/or demanded.

  7. I’ve been pledging this since 2001. Thanks for finally coming around celeb-u-tards. Thanks for finally being the good Americans you should have been your entire lives.

    Thanks for saving me $75 a month by dumping cable TV because I can’t stand to watch a single one of you. Thanks for reingorcing the fact that the BDS was strong in this nation and we have no one but you to blame for it.

    Thanks for remaining irrelevant.

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  9. Mawm

    I pledge to be as much of a thorn in the ass to these dipshits as I can be.

  10. Mawm

    Interestingly, there are several people I know I have read who are into Kabbalah in this video.

    I wonder if Oprah has become a Kabalist too.