(Update)”Note to GretaWire bloggers”


Posted to Greta’s blog today:

January 31st, 2009 11:40 AM Eastern
Note to GretaWire bloggers
by Greta Van Susteren
Because I promised you the behind the scenes, I figure I should alert you to the fact there is a good chance that I will shut down GretaWire soon. As you might have guessed, it is really time consuming (I do it alone) and I am trying to think what else I can do on the web. I would like to expand into other areas. It has been lots of fun blogging and building GretaWire with all of you but I, probably like you, like to dream about doing other things – whatever that may be. You know I love technology, and I love to learn — and thus I may want to try something completely different on the web. I am reaching out for new ideas. If you have some ideas, post them as I am open for ideas (and actually seeking them.)

For media junkies, like me, she has the best blog that keeps up with the news of the day in a casual and very friendly way. If you feel the same way, please drop her a note at her blog.

After almost 2800 responses, Greta added:

Another update — 7:04pm — I have been told that some think there is some big reason behind me thinking of closing down GretaWire. There really is no big reason other than that we have been doing this for years and I think there might be other fun things to do on the web for me to do and frankly for you to do. Technology is moving at lightening speed and I would like to think about doing other things. I want to investigate other things to do. You all know how much I like gadgets and like to try new ideas..there is no other or sinister reason and I am just thinking about it and giving you the heads up.

Another update 8:14pm – I see that many of you want me to keep GretaWire …and maybe I will…I will think about it. There are reasons to keep it, reasons to close it down and move on. To keep it going I need to figure out how to make it more fun, do things differently. I was worried it was just getting old (it has been up and running for years)……and I also see lots of nasty comments here. I really don’t feel like blogging with the haters. I realize there are always a few jerks – haters – but because I am committed to the First Amendment I did not want to censor GretaWire (within some reason.) I sort of hoped that the sickos would get bored and go away. I know many of you want a registration system but that creates some headaches…. I might have to take GretaWire to another service to get that feature. I really don’t know much about registration (in fact I know nothing about it.) So let me think about all this including your comments…Fox has talked to me about making GretaWire into a website instead of a blog but that is fun only if I can devote the time I need to make it really fun.

Told ya she was kewl 🙂

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