Two Mommies and a Tabloid

Who let Michelle Obama, who allowed her daughters, to appear on this rag cover?

Uhm, then who was behind the Palin Smear Cover?

Change we can believe in ? I don’t think so 😦

Sort of an Update(02.03.09) In case you missed NBC’s Matt Lauer’s interview with PBO on Super Bowl Sunday, you may have missed Mattie bringing to the attention….to an entire pre-Bowl buzzed nation….that indeed Ms. Simpson’s “weight problem” photo deleted Obama’s face off the cover! On close observation, yes you can see part of his white shirt sleeve. Thank you Matt for covering the First Family like you were a 3rd string reporter for a high school newspaper and forcing the President to acknowledge Jessica Simpson seems to have a weight issue ! Puh-leeeze. Can we have a little class?


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12 responses to “Two Mommies and a Tabloid

  1. Boudicca

    I can only HOPE that after Zer0 torpedos our country even worse than it already is, I have some loose CHANGE left lying about.
    That’s the only change I’m hoping for with this sorry asshole in charge. As for the media that sold him to the majority, shame on them for the double standards.

  2. {{{Hugs}}} Boudicca !

    I am foaming at the mouth crazy over the hypocrazy that is Team PrezBO.

    I so agree with you !

  3. Boudicca

    Hey Denise! I detest adulation of any person, even when it’s well deserved. When the adulation is undeserved, it’s a total affront.
    Readers of this rag need to get a life that doesn’t revolve around the Mad Mom. That woman is always pissed off and her husband won the election, heaven help us all.

  4. I wish I could say I will never buy a copy of US Magazine again.

    But, then, I can’t ever recall buying one to begin with!

    Not planning to start.

  5. I am old enough to remember them fawning over Nancy…and Pickles too

  6. I found the money quote:

    “We believe it is inappropriate to use young private citizens for marketing purposes.”

    ~Katie McCormick Lelyveld, press secretary for Michelle Obama after a toy company introduced a line of dolls named after the Obama daughters.

    I’d just like for them to not use the girls to sell magazines and furniture too 🙂

  7. glorydays

    I can’t weight untill the witie tape is releesed and america sees her for the which she trulee is.

  8. glorydays – the tape is a fake.

  9. Liz

    The other picture aside, I think it’s a sad state that our country is in that the media has to scrutinize every pound a celeb puts on. Jessica looks like the other 1.5 million in this country. Good for her.

  10. Liz…I so agree. Jessica wasn’t even in my thoughts on this post, until I saw Matt wet his pants on live t.v. drawing it to President Obama’s attention !

    We have a lot of work to do…and I’m not even part of the movement to make sure the Super Bowl is never seen on NBC again…LOL.

  11. Stue

    So catchawave, you don’t know where you fit in politically. You fit in the anyone but Obama crowd. Not so unique and pretty boring as well.

    I really want to say “Just get over it” but it would send this site into meltdown.

  12. Hey Stue…part of my recovery from the knee-jerk liberal crowd is laughing at comments like yours! It’s so 2008 🙂 As you failed to notice, I am over it.

    I’m having a great time, you still seem angry? So I’ll take ”not so unique and pretty boring” anytime.