No Doubt About Redoubt?

Thanks to this thread at Hillary’s Village which began on 01.29.09, it’s been an exciting week following the action through knowledgable posters, photos, graphs and musings (“if a watched pot never boils, you guys are doing Alaska a great favor!”) about one of Mother Earth’s most intriquing events. Here’s a peek at Mt. Redoubt’s last eruption, circa April 1990:
Courtesy of the Alaska Volcano Observatory

….and the obligatory local news PANIC and Home Depot product placement via the AP:

Geologists say Alaska’s Mount Redoubt could erupt within days, the first time in 20 years. Nearby residents are preparing for a possible ash storm.(Jan. 29)

Whether you check in at Hillary’s Village, which I do, they ‘splain to Lucy better, or book mark the AVO link, keep the people of Alaska in your thoughts.


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2 responses to “No Doubt About Redoubt?

  1. becca

    i think mt redoubt is going to blow. it s a hypotheis that the damage will be great and the repairing costs will be well over 1 billion, due to Anchorage so close. i’m glad they gave her an oragne flag because shes going to blow quiet soon

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