“Scaring People is not Leadership”

When I agree with Lindsay Graham and Moe Lane my recovery from knee-jerk liberalism must be at Step 3.

I think. Gawd, I love politics…..



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3 responses to ““Scaring People is not Leadership”

  1. Wait a minute…..

    What;s wrong with Merlot and e-mail???

    No one can see me naked with a lampshade on my head. Can they?

    Oh wait… better turn off the web cam.



    Bwahahahhaaaa….. plz. delete this commmenbt from the other post about “Redoubt.” Or people will KNOW I am drinking merlot and blogging.

  2. No way 🙂 Don’cha love Merlot Girl! I need to make her an avatar /snork.

  3. Too late. I have already absconded with her!

    Yes, I love Merlot girl! How do I order this “sculpture” of myself at the keyboard?