First Granny being thrown under the bus ? Oy….

Dear Michelle’s mom, Marian Robinson, I feel your pain….We Grandma’s just can’t do enough to make our “ungrateful” children happy, right?


We first met you when you were invited to the White House, which didn’t sound much different than when I’m invited to my son’s home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida a coupla’ times a year to help out. Sort of like visiting the kids at the White House, but without the staff of hundreds to clean up their mess. I do that alone, and am expected to smile about it. Sugar x3, I don’t think so

Michelle said she fights hard to stay in shape and to make sure her daughters stick to healthy diets—despite the attentions of their indulgent grandmother. ”She thinks I’m strict in terms of food,” Obama said, “but really everything I learned, I learned from her. It’s just now these are her grandchildren. She thinks Malia and Sasha should have dessert every day, three times a day.

(((Marian, call me :)))


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2 responses to “First Granny being thrown under the bus ? Oy….

  1. OMG LMAO its more like I understand Michelle LMAO my mother would never have allowed us to do half the things she allows her grandchildren to do.”

  2. We grannies need to stick together and try not to get our kids ticked off with us 🙂