Tim Kaine: Half Gov/Half DNC Chair, Choose One!

Well, he did…….choose something?


Our Governor of Virginia is a Democrat. Check. A Pro-Life Democrat. Uh, ok. Oh, but he’s NOW(pun intended) the Chair of the DNC. Check. Part time. Huh? Donations down. Check.

Let me get to the point, “Richmond, we have a problem

According to the Norfolk, Virginian-Pilot:

Kaine said the state should not discriminate over issuing special plates espousing widely accepted points of view.

He said free-speech mandates would now require Virginia to issue a specialty plate for Planned Parenthood should the abortion-rights group seek one.

But the organization has no such plans. “Planned Parenthood of Virginia is extremely disappointed with Gov. Kaine’s decision,” said Jessica Honke, director of public policy for the state group.

Really. How do you counter Choose Life ? Choose Death? Choose Abortion? Choose Choice? Choose Life does suggest choice, as some argue, but it’s a religious message, and I don’t want to see it on your sleeve or your rear…. bumper.

Wouldn’t you just love see this message attached to a pickup with a gun rack? And these ?

Well, I have a choice, and choose to follow this one:

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