What’s with these ACORNy people?

Love or hate Glenn Beck, there is no excuse for stupid…and ACORN did register the Dallas Cowboys team to vote in Nevada, ha.

Hot Air has more, read on….

Glenn Beck kicks ACORN spokesman off the set for accusing him of racism

It happened during a commercial break but there’s no reason to doubt Beck’s telling the truth. The last time this tool was on, Megyn Kelly had to cut his mike to be able to speak over him. In fact, every time he’s on Fox, it turns into a trainwreck of filibustering and guests talking over each other. I understand why they continue to book him — angering the host is great for ratings — but why, given his astounding Edwards-esque unctuousness, does ACORN continue to send him as their rep? It’s practically an exercise in self-sabotage. I’m sitting here numb with horror at the possibility that he might be the most likable guy they have.

Can ACORN be for real ?
update: Full interview here

You decide.

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One response to “What’s with these ACORNy people?

  1. SYD

    ACORN is OK, doncha know? It’s just that they have so many bad employees.

    How can this go on and on?