The Ambitious Doomsday Cooze and John Edwards


Moe Lane’s and Candice Bergen’s fiesty blog posts caught my attention today. You do know, we Edwards supporters have nothing better to do than Google John’s name DAILY with hopes of finding that civil action suit we can recoup our time, money and trouble from? As in, suckle from the same, giant engorged teat that made him?

Buh bye John

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One response to “The Ambitious Doomsday Cooze and John Edwards

  1. SYD

    I don’t even know what to say. Nit that I was EVER an Edwards supporter. I always found him to be a fakey sort… not worthy of my vote.

    I regert that I ever even gave this man the benefit of a doubt when I voted for John Kerry (who I also gave the benefit of a doubt.)

    NEVER again will I vote for someone I don’t trust. My intuition has yet to fail me….. and I knew the stuff this jerk was made of the first time I laid eyes on him.