The Tale of Two Ladies and Time Magazine’s Cover



Bless her heart, Sonia was so heavily air-brushed and photoshopped (is that her high school yearbook photo?) Time Inc. gave the credit as an “illustration by”, and a spunky hopechangey headline. I have the hardcopy in my hands, and it’s definitely meant to look like a, gasp, real photo. Time (hearts) Sonia, you’ betcha.

Whereas, Sarah’s given the opportunity to show her pores and laughlines in a still lovely mug shot sort of way. Headline screams she needs to be educated, doncha’know.

Don’t get me started on Newsweek…..sigh.


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5 responses to “The Tale of Two Ladies and Time Magazine’s Cover

  1. βɛʈʈɥ

    Sarah is a natural beauty, doesn’t need to be touched-up ~ beautiful inside and out, intelligent, not racist…..

  2. Anna

    God bless you, Sarah. Let the liberal hacks play their sophomoric games….it’s called fear!

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  4. Sonia’s a lovely lady too. Here’s the photo they cartooned up:

    But I guess it wasn’t “hip and young” enough for those clowns at Team Obama. Grrrrrr.

  5. Andy

    Time is over for Time. Another dinosaur just waiting for extinction.