“Don’t Flush Us” Hampton Roads (VA) First Tea Party Porta Potty Armada!

Our story begins….in a fundraising effort to raise money for the June 26 Tea Party, the organizers sold naming rights to their porta-potties for the event. Over 30 were sold, but they could only get about 14 trucks for the parade. So much for corporate sponsors, eh? Enjoy the road trip…..

….Declaring that “Government Waste Has Got To Go!”, the Hampton Roads Tea Party rolled out its porta-potty protest. Tea Party Patriots loaded “named” johns onto their pickups and trailers and toured Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

When you come to the Defend and Declare Tea Party on June 26
everytime you need to go, you can send a message!

Here are the “sponsors” names, in case the armada is rolling by too fast ….

1) Global Warming Hoax John

2) Nancy Pelosi ’s Throne

3) McCain, John

4) A.C.L.U. john

5) Barney Frank & Chris Dodd’s Mortgage Banking John (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac)

6) Social Security john

7) Kerry, John

8 ) Universal Healthcare john

9) ACORN john (Always Crappy, Offensive, Rotten, Noxious)

10) I.R.S. john – Eliminate it!

11) “Porky Little Projects” john

12) Federal Reserve John

13) U.S. Congress – Our #2 Problem

14) Senator Jim Webb (D-VA)

15) Royal Pain in the Tax

16 ) Office of Tim Geitner’s Accountant

17) Government Motors

18 ) Maxine Waters

19) Federal Depository

20) Janeane “Got-to-GO” Garofalo

21) Mayor Will Sessoms

22) Ben Bernanke’s Office

23) Harry Reid’s Throne

24) Murtha, John

25) BAILOUT john

26) Eric “toilet paper” Holder

27) Bawney Fwank’s Office

28 ) Senator Dianne Feinstein

29) “The Liberated John”

30) Progressive Ideas Found Here

31) Marxist Government Think Tank

32) Progressive Archive Center

33) David Letterman’s “Taste”

Many thanks to:

Karen Miner Hurd
Marshall Smith
Founders & Patriots
Hampton Roads Tea Party


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