Time to Sh*t or git’off the pot PUMAs ? For Sarah…

First, the obligatory blogho Broadway analogy to U.S. political bloodsport…

How proud we must be to not see this coming. Even our favorite righties at Hot Air are pissing on Sarah’s grave. Really Allah, an Andrea Mitchell video?

What I thought would be a quick Red Skelton warm and fuzzy patriot post and a quiet weekend, just ruffled my feathers, and my verklemptness.

“We are not retreating, we are advancing in another direction” ~ Sarah Palin quoting General MacArthur.

PUMAs ? Where do you stand?


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9 responses to “Time to Sh*t or git’off the pot PUMAs ? For Sarah…

  1. Lonni

    I’m not a PUMA(I don’t think!:)) but I’ll stand with Sarah Palin!

  2. nyc

    I do not stand for Sarah Palin unless she runs in 2012. If she runs in 2016, no way jose. i am a moderate democrat (even though i now distrust and detest the democrats), and SP is as conservative as GWB. I supported John McCain because he has been right on many issues and because there was no way in hell I would support a lying fraud like B.O., I even campaigned for McCain and Sarah after campaigning for Hillary in the primary, but you guys have got to be kidding me if you think I want another reagan in the white house.

  3. bluelady

    How about blaming the media instead of PUMAs?
    It seems like she’s making a calculated move.
    This could go so many different ways.
    I think it increases her visibility- she even knocked MJ back.

  4. Thanks lonni….

    Annie…we have work to do. I just don’t trust any political site with a “donate” button on it anymore.

    bluelady…yeah, if you check my past 200 (?) posts here, most kick the media in the balls. With hopes, I’ll have more opportunities to kick more of them 🙂

  5. Hillary/Palin 2012.

    Female leadership, NOW.

  6. freespirit

    From what I’ve seen, many Puma blogs have repeatedly stood against the gross maltreatment of Sarah. Additionally, The New Agenda has done the same. Many of us who identify ourselves as Pumas voted for McCain, in part because he picked Palin as VP candidate. I fail to see how anyone who calls herself a feminist could ignore and fail to publicly condemn the sexism and misogyny leveled at Sarah Palin.

    I disagree with some of her politics, but I respect her enormously, and as a Puma and a decent human being I’ll continue to speak out against the hatchet job MSM and others have tried to do on her and her family from day one. I’m outraged that even the Republicans have thrown her under the bus, and disappointed that John McCain and his people never stood up for her as they should have.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts on this.

  7. Followed you from HV. Good post, and keep giving them hell!!

    Just made an animated interview you might enjoy


  8. also just put you on my blogroll