What happened to Hillary’s Village Forum ?


Hoping someone will see this and ‘splain to Lucy where one of my favorite hangouts disappeared to ? I was out-of-town, so I missed the clues? I miss my HV friends 😦

For those of you who like the community/message board format, please visit one of my other favorite hangouts, Women in Politics

Women are complex and seldom are defined by a political party’s doctrine or dogma. We may lean left or right or be in the center on different issues, all at the same time. We have power in pooling our resources and working together, celebrating what we have in common instead of being exploited and divided by our differences. We can all learn from each other, I look forward to learning from your viewpoint.

A few bloggers that appear on Daily Puma post there, so it’s definitely a friendly place for people of like minds without a party, gag on kool aid and who now hope for change! C’ya at the WIP 🙂


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21 responses to “What happened to Hillary’s Village Forum ?

  1. SYD

    It is a curious question.

    Let us know if you find out what happened!


  2. thebword

    All I can tell you is late Saturday a thread went up that said they had been hacked TWICE ( and other times in recent weeks virus had attacked members). They said they would need to shut down to fix the problem. They said it should take a couple of days. It wasn’t long after the thread posted that the website went down. At first an away message was posted stating they would be back up by Tuesday at noon. Then after that time on Tuesday came and went another message saying they would be down indefinitely went up. Less than 24 hours after that whole thing shut down (blog as well).

    The administrators last message said they encouraged us to go to sister sites such as The New Agenda. However, several of us have “found” each other on Twitter. If you go to Twitter set up an account using your HV name. Search for “Hillary’s Village”. We are trying to Tweet messages using “Hillary’s Village” often so we can be found. Use your HV name is important – I know I for one am very untrusting these days and cautious on who I accept as a follower.

  3. Thanks bword. I saw a clue over at the reformatted Common Ground (old Hillary Clinton’s Forum?) saying HV is switching domains. I hope it’s something simple like that 🙂

  4. thebword

    I won’t trust anything you read on forums that are in direct competition with HV.

  5. hey everyone some of the hv people are at stealth fusion http://www.stealthfusion.com/forum/index.php

  6. C'nuck_Ob

    re:bword top post. That’s exactly what I witnessed happening too, still looking for info.

  7. Katy…thanks for the info. I did see a lot of HV people there, is it new? I saw Ace there, wasn’t he admin at HV?

  8. I really like the Stealth Fusion site as I saw a lot of refugees from HV there 🙂 Love the STFU logo…heh. AND, Ace is the admin there!? I didn’t know he was banned from HV? Juicy.

  9. B positive

    I miss HV… what happened?

  10. Roxy

    I’ve been worried about Hillary’s Village too. Hope it comes back okay. I miss it! When I hear something on the news or on other boards I like to scurry over to HV to see their take on things. I miss HV! I bookmarked this page so I could check back.

    ~Waves to any other lost lambs~

  11. MaryKay

    I was a mod there for a while but had to cut back due to work. I didn’t even know about this until I went to the site the other day.

    I’ll try that other site you listed! HV was the best souce of real news out there. Even when I don’t have time to post, I read.

  12. thebword

    This is the site that the HIllary’s Village (current) members have gathered http://hillarysworld.activeboard.com/ until HV can reopen. We are also on Twitter searching for lost members and reconnecting.

  13. thebword

    Denise VB that website is not HV friendly. Both Ace and Pepper (ex HV admin/mod) are revealing, on their new forum, private messages they exchanged with the HV owners Freethinker and Sadstateofaffairs. While working for HV, they took screenshots of private IM’s as far back as Feb. Clearly showing a forethought as to how they could use the information to their advantage at a future date. They are not the type of administrators I would trust with personal information. Use caution when posting there.

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  15. angela

    I was unaware until today that HV had folded. I quit frequenting a few months ago due to becoming sick of all the “Hail to beautiful Hillary” posts as she was out screwing up the world and America for Obama. Wake up people. Hillary is out for Hillary only. The only way I’d vote for her now is if Obama was the only other choice.

  16. MaryKay

    Any news on if HV is coming back up? I tried to get on to the site and I can’t.

  17. Sarah

    Ace and Okbiograd took screenshots of the private areas and of private conversations, and they were banned. They had private area members then doing it for them.

    They joined up with HCF to take down the Village. The Village was shut down by SSOA and FT to protect members from more violations, protecting members from “mods gone rogue”. If you were a loyal Village member, avoid Stealth Fusion. They violated privacy at the Village and undoubtedly would do so again if it suits them.

  18. sarah – I like STFU, they encourage “be most excellent to each other” rules. I like they went to Independent Thinking rather than party/candidate slobbery support. Me personally, loves everyone ! But, STFU, respects everyone, their opinions and scratches my silly itch 🙂


    No Denise STFU does NOT respect everyone. You and “Angela” must have been two people who were helping Ace and Okiebio do their stalking on members and mods.

    I am looking into legal action right now. I feel I was stalked in private messages on that site because of ACE and his compatriot. I want to get to the bottom of just how far these two went. I know as a mod there I was targeted by those two.

    “Angela” you are so full of it. You were never a Hillary voter at all. Whatever. This is such bullshit. Anyone who would stand up for STFU who are STALKERS and who invade people’s privacy is nuts. You go forward over there at your own risk since obviously nothing is off limits to them.

    I’m not done with this. I have already had to boot one stalker out of my life and I cannot believe anyone posting on a site that drew in women concerned about abuse issues would feel in the name of some false claim of “Justice” It was okay to do what you two did.

    If I am being followed and watched without my knowledge that is a crime. I certainly wouldn’t have given my consent in the mod section of that site to being STALKED there. No claim STFU made on their site was true or valid. NOT ONE.