It’s Official: Worst Interview in the Wor-r-rld on MSNBC

Or as iOwnTheWorld so delicately put it:
For Every Clownfart Who Has Ever Spittled The Term “Faux News”

Also, Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey asks and explains:

Why did O’Donnell act like a middle-school bully instead of a news interviewer? Apart from the fact that O’Donnell is a middle-school bully on air, Schiff wants to run against Chris Dodd for his Senate seat, and Schiff opposes ObamaCare. Instead of allowing Schiff to actually explain why, O’Donnell simply shouts over him and issues ridiculous time demands, and does just about everything short of sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling “NA-NA-NA-I-CAN’T-HEAR-YOU” when Schiff tries to explain his positions.

No matter who’s side you’re on, it’s a difficult interview to watch. No wonder Fox News clobbers all the other cable news channels’ ratings COMBINED !


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