5 responses to ““You Scare Me” ~Ignored by the NYT, Authenticated by Snopes and Cavuto !

  1. george Czapp

    Snopes makes no mention of this as far as I can tell so take it with as many grains of salt as is necessary when deciding to snd it. I for one was greatly disapointed the Sen McCain lost the election and I feel that I promise to cut down our national debt is just one more thing that Pres Obama stated only to let us hear what we thought we should hear. My understanding of obamas policys is that our great grandchildren will be working on paying it off still and they thought the student loans were bad

  2. XXX-M

    This is really terrible, it was the last administration which left us with such a mess. Why does that Pritchett guy does not go after Cheney he is the evil. It is because of him an his Haliburton that so many innocent people died and are still dying including so many Americans.
    I am sick of it all.

  3. kate

    i don’t give a damn what any of you think!! i can’t believe i voted for that useless ass! he is a joker/lier and if you don’t agree, what has he done in the past year?