Just call me Agent Helga Knutkrusher

Too soon ?

I’ve decided to become a volunteer interrogator for the CIA and kick some hopeychangey insurgent ass. So pass this on to those Gitmo detainees who are now on a work-release program in Afghanistan. You better behave or else.

Just hand ’em over to me, those hell bent on destroying Americans and other world citizens who do not believe in their God and/or torture their women in the name of their tiny peckerheaded man-brains then blame their God made them do it !

Yes, that’s who we “feel sorry for” and innocents still die. Since I’m pro-choice, I’ll certainly let my little suspect make his choice of:

1. Jumping 75 stories to your death.

2. Frying alive in a jet fueled inferno.

3. Beheading with youtube cameras rolling.

4. Singing like a bird.

You betcha’ he’d cry for his mommy, the ACLU or the cheeto keyboard commandos. Boo.Hoo. I mean, what country allows the release of terrorists for compassionate reasons anyhow? Oh wait……nevermind.

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One response to “Just call me Agent Helga Knutkrusher

  1. SYD

    Well, OK. But it’s Accccchmed. You left out the phlegm!