Geeesh. Attending Tea Parties does NOT make you a “racist right-wingnut”

It means you’ve been paying attention ! And you’re probably angry and tired of being called a RACIST !

….but it’s certainly turning my old liberal friends into “rabid left-wingnuts” !

For instance, Mean Janeane Garofalo and Mike “I hope Glenn Beck commits suicide” Malloy. What happened to my compassionate friends? No bleeding hearts here, they want to tear mine out and stomp on it. Is this how they see us?

Had enough? Then come up to speed by visiting this Stealth Fusion link which provides Glenn Beck’s show videos from last week and a transcript of all the questions he wants you to ask your representatives.

Allahpundit of Hot Air asks if “you’re in or out?” and muses if Beck could be tapping a possible third party leader……hmmmmmm?

And while we’re at it, where are my anti-war friends? Was that all about hating Bush afterall. It’s Obama’s “dumb” war now, guess it’s ok?

Make your voice count and make sure your questions are answered ! Dissent isn’t only for liberals !


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14 responses to “Geeesh. Attending Tea Parties does NOT make you a “racist right-wingnut”

  1. SYD

    The Left Wing has lost it’s freakin’ mind. I don’t even recognize my comrades any more….

    Not totally sold on Beck, though I think their attempt to malign him as a racist isn’t helping their cause. Not one bit.

    At this point…. I am kicking back to watch the fireworks. In the end…. I hope it’s the mid-line Progressive Patriots that are standing tall….


  2. Hey SYD ! I think Glenn’s the new Sarah, and the more our old team maligns him, the more I think he’s doing something right 😀

    • SYD

      I’m not maligning him. It’s just that he has a history of using RW talking points. So I prefer to keep him at arms length.

      He is not a replacement for Sarah. Not in my book. Glenn Back is a recovered alcoholic who now makes a living acting. His act is a good one, and he’s quite talented…. like a lot of alcies are. But, he can turn on dime if his listening audience demands.

      Sarah is the real deal. She is what she appears to be. It’s not an act. And this is exactly why Washington hates her. She won’t change her “act” to suit their fancies.

      To the degree that Beck can mimic Palin’s dedication to our Constitunion, I will give him credit. And lend him an ear. But… I don’t expect to be his “fan” in the long run.


    • SYD, sorry I wasn’t clear….I wasn’t comparing SP and GB politically…..I meant the new punching bag for the left.

  3. Don’t be taken in by republicans who never met a banker they did not like. Chase Bank is in the middle of putting a million of their best customers in default by changing terms on existing low interest rate credit card offers.

    Droning on about the Tea Party Protests obfuscates real life crisis situations that are being caused by selfish, narcissistic wall street bankers.

    When was the last time you saw a republican celebrity or television personality say anything bad about Chase Bank? Bill Reilly came close, but refused to actually do it.

    • SYD

      Which Democrat, currently serving, ever met a banker (or Turbo Taxer) he didn’t like?

      I think it’s time to stop with the broad brush painting… “all Republicans” or “all Democrats” and come up with a list of names…. or pols that are doing their jobs. Granted, the list will be short at first. But we gotta start somewhere.


    • The difference is, The democrats USED the bankers to get back in power, there is a LOT of ANGER against the banks that the republicans are trying to steer towards big government.

      If the Republicans don’t take the OBVIOUS ANGER against the banks and use it to get back in power, and instead try and blame the present government for everything, then that just tells me they will be no different than the present administration, they both still suck up to the banks.

  4. Hey AM ! WordPress made me moderate you because you had more than one link, but so happy you dropped by.

    Actually, the Tea Party movement is your friend in the case of Chase, this is not a REPUBLICAN thing, don’t believe the left’s hype. Take it to Chris Dodd, our beloved Banking and Finance dude with all the favors from his banking buddies. The bailouts favored the banks with no oversight.

    Right now, Glenn Beck is the only person in the media getting mad at this crazy system, and you NEED media. O’Reilly panders to the middle, but he’s losing to Beck now in the ratings because his message is resonating with all of us…left, right and the middle.

    Set up a Facebook and Twitter page. If you see this and have time, check out the links in my post. Look what SYD wrote. This country is a mess because we don’t know who’s on our side.

    You may not like this….Obama is no different than Bush, and the Republicans and Democrats are now officially one party! Think like an Independent, and you’ll understand 🙂

  5. I’ve thought long and hard about a third party, and why we may never have one.

    If we could add up all the splinter groups out there, that are neither republican nor democrat, would have the following,

    green energy,
    animal rights,
    Ron Paul constitution fans,
    Green Party,
    eliminate federal reserve,
    abolish IRS,
    Gay Rights,
    Anti-illegal immigration,

    These are a lot of groups, but these groups would probably never align.

    Not only would they never align, but even if they TRIED to align, the first time something came up that would make their representative look like they were on the take, or compromised, the “movement” would self implode.

    So, I believe creating an “independent” movement may be a way to get people to vote Republican in the future.

    We are probably screwed.

    Unless a coalition can be created that goes SPECIFICALLY after BAD BANKING PRACTICES, I don’t trust conservative banter.

    I also don’t trust conservative banter because they don’t stand up for Hillary Clinton and are the first to join any allegedly bad news bandwagon affect that involves Hillary Clinton.

    Come on Glenn Beck, go after Chase Bank.

  6. This was on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page last week:

    FOX News’ Glenn Beck is doing an extraordinary job this week walking America behind the scenes of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House.

    Monday night he asked us to invite one friend to watch; tonight I invite all my friends to watch.

    -Sarah Palin

  7. SYD

    Makes sense that the Left is now punching Beck, rather than Palin. I suspect they regret the amount of attention they have given her… already.

    If this is their new strategy…. let me tell them right off: IT WILL FAIL! Sarah does not need the Leftie media to let the world know who she is. She has circumvented them. They can now eat her dust.

    If Glenn is willing to be their punching bag for a while … more power to him! But, I don’t trust him in the long run. He has yet to prove himself as far as I am concerned.


  8. I just received this from our local tea party organizers and thought I’d share it here. We are a simple group of citizens doing all we can to make our reps listen and learn from….uh….their constituents. The message:

    Karen Miner HurdAugust 31 at 2:38pm
    Hi y’all!

    I’m putting out a letter from Mike Thompson one of our board
    of Directors.

    But first- Be sure to watch WVEC tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 PM
    they interviewed the HRTP on the Town hall issue. I know that many
    of you are frustrated, worried, and are tired of being ignored by
    your representatives. You are genuinely afraid for your Country’s
    and your children’s futures. Read Mike’s words below.

    Also- the buses (4) are sold out. If you want to be on the waiting list
    email: . Put waiting list in the email.


    From Mike T:


    There are several organizations that will be organizing efforts to drown out intelligent debate at the upcoming town halls. As a citizen in the 3rd district I only want people in my district to attend. (However, get there early. Organizing for America is trying to fill seats at 5:00 PM). This town hall is for 3rd district only. HRTP is not sending in our entire group for several reasons:

    1. We are not “Astroturf”.

    2. We are grassroots.

    3. We do not stack events.

    4. We have to take the high road.

    5. We have honor.

    6. We do not want to play into the other side.

    We are in a battle but the battle when it comes to Representatives should be solely fought by the people which reside in the district. If we start busing people in, then we are no better than the SEIU, Acorn, and OAC or any other organization that will use unethical methods to achieve their objective.

    During the town hall don’t:

    1. Don’t yell – when you become emotional you undermined your own efforts/ argument.

    2. Don’t attack people. This is what our opposition does. Do debate policies

    3. Do not engage the opposition- this will naturally escalate the situation.

    4. Don’t bring signs that go after Obama. Obama is not the main issue. The issue is the Congress. Obama does not have the power to create legislation. He can only approve legislation. Without Congress his dreams of hope and change are just a whisper in time.

    5. Don’t reference anything that you cannot back up with facts.

    6. Be civil and speak to people like you want to be spoken to.

    All the fight is just beginning stay to talking points and use truth to win. This is a free country and you can do what you wish. The HRTP will not support activities or actions which are contrary to our core beliefs. Use common sense.

    I am sure people who will also be receiving this email will be from the opposition. Some of them may say look they have to tell their people how to act. To those people… We are not professional activist a.k.a “Astroturf” we are still learning.

    Actus non Verbum,

    Mike Thompson

    HRTP Board of Directors