Olbermann to Kossacks – Send me everything you can find on Glenn Beck !!


It’s ON !

Keith’s post at Daily Kos:

I don’t know why I’ve got this phrasing in my head, but: Find everything you can about Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Roger Ailes.

No, even now, I refuse to go all caps.

No, sending me links to the last two Countdowns with my own de-constructions of his biblical vision quality Communist/Fascist/Socialist/Zimbalist art at Rockefeller Center (where, curiously, he works, Comrade) doesn’t count. Nor does sending me links to specious inappropriate point-underscoring prove-you’re-innocent made-up rumors.

Tuesday we will expand this to the television audience and have a dedicated email address to accept leads, tips, contacts, on Beck, his radio producer Burguiere, and the chief of his tv enablers, Ailes (even though Ailes’ power was desperately undercut when he failed to pull off his phony “truce” push).

This becomes necessary after this in order to prove various cliches about goose and gander, and to remind everybody to walk softly and carry a big popsicle, and most particularly to save this nation from the Oligarhy of The Stupid.

I keep wondering if somewhere somebody named Ollie Garhey thinks he’s in charge now. Or, even more entertainingly and societally satisfying, if somebody named Ali Garhi does.

Despite the worn-out snark above, I am in earnest here.

Ok, I’m lazy, so I used wiki to get Keith started on his kill the messenger campaign:

Beck was born in Mount Vernon, Washington in February 1964, and raised a Roman Catholic. His mother and one of his brothers committed suicide and a sibling had a fatal heart attack.[3] He graduated from Sehome High School in Bellingham, Washington in 1982.

A 2007 profile in “LDS Living” magazine provides a comprehensive history of Beck’s early life and career in radio, and states that his first significant exposure to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came at age 18 when, after graduating from high school, he moved from Washington to Salt Lake City, Utah and shared an apartment with a former Mormon missionary. The article goes on to say that his first marriage ended in divorce at age 30 (1994). He and his second wife, Tania, joined the church in October 1999, partly at the urging of his eldest daughter, Mary, who has cerebral palsy.[4]

Beck was admitted to a special program for non-traditional students at Yale University while he was working for a New Haven-area radio station, having received at least one of his recommendations from Senator Joe Lieberman. During this time Beck took a single theology class, dropping out around the time of his divorce.[5]

Beck is a self-described recovering alcoholic and drug addict.[6] He also has a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. [7] He and his first wife divorced amid his struggle with substance abuse. Beck cites the help of Alcoholics Anonymous in his sobriety, and he eventually converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,[8] which teaches against the consumption of alcohol.

By his first marriage, Beck has two teenage daughters, Hannah and Mary. With his second wife, Tania, he has two children, Raphe and Cheyenne. He is currently a resident of New Canaan, Connecticut, where, in May of 2008, Beck applied for a special permit to place a six foot wall around his home citing “security concerns” and “angry audiences.”[9]

So much more on the web, love him or hate him, Glenn is brutally honest about his past. It’s part of his addiction recovery and so much more than we know about the Obamas 🙂

For Glenn, yet another of my corny youtubey inspirations, enjoy:

We have your back !


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9 responses to “Olbermann to Kossacks – Send me everything you can find on Glenn Beck !!

  1. Zcat

    Glenn Beck reports “truthful news” and passes it to the public thank God somebody is!!! You should try it and maybe your rating would not be so low and you would not need to make a personal attack against Glenn Beck!

    Keep doing what you are doing Glenn Beck

  2. David

    Glen is a true patriot. Not afraid to step up for the American people when no others will.

  3. d lavoie

    Wish we had ten more like Glenn instead of the other networks that are in a slobbering love affair covering for the King..Do you gegt a tingling up your leg too

  4. Proud Fox Nation Member

    Why doesn’t anyone dig into your past, Kieth. Oh yeah, because you haven’t been relevant since you used to do baseball recounts on SportCenter.

    Do yourself a favor and go back to regurgitating box scores. I have never seen someone so obsessed with their competition as I have with you. Funny I watch pretty much all the epsiodes on Fox News Channel and I can count on one hand the amount of times your name has been mentioned in all the time I have watched them.

    Your rants are insignificant next to the power of the truth.

  5. Glenn is the best! Keith is not a truthful news announcer, he gets tingles up & down his legs. Sorry state our news stations are in. No reporting the truth.

  6. Helen

    If Keith Olbermann thinks that Glenn Beck is wrong, he needs to turn on Bloomberg or CNBC Asia and listen to the financial experts about what is going on with the economy and the country.

    He is a smart man, but he is deeply mistaken in his interpretation of current events.

  7. Ginger

    Olbie likey the cheap shots and hitting below the belt. He’s a putz and his ratings reflected that.

    Olbie Fired!:

    Olbie Idiot Notions: