Libertarians, Independents, Conservatives AND Dems, Oh My!

…..and PUMAs !

A few more thoughts from the 9-12 DC Rally….and I wasn’t the only PUMA representing! Hey, didn’t we start this? So, now that Old Glory, the Gadsdens and Culpeppers have been put away til the next big “can you hear us now” rally, I finally realized that I was a part of a much bigger political movement afterall……Swing Voters! Despite what the O’slobber media brushed us with, it was perhaps the most important political event I’ve attended in my life. It took a few days to sink in, but the numbers who showed up aren’t important, it was WHY they showed up.


Are the Tea Party protesters a small group of radical freakazoids or a large crew of taxpaying regular joes who are fed up with government spending, Democrats and Republicans, and business as usual? fanned out through the crowd and the backstage of the September 12 Taxpayer March on Washington, the controversial anti-government protest that drew somewhere between 75,000 and 1 million people, according to press reports…..

I also found one of the most delightful trip reports from professional stand-up comedienne Traci Skene at Road Atlas Shrugged, lol, one of the Bus People! Enjoy the ride:

….I gave this is my long-winded way of pointing out to the New York Times that I paid my own way to the rally.

We were dropped of in DC’s Chinatown at 10:50 AM (or should I say we were ordered off the bus) so we had to walk 15 blocks to the rally. For a while, we feared we were the only ones who had showed up. Then we turned the corner…..

Complete awe… “kick-ass 4th of July Party”……

We stood there in complete awe… speechless for perhaps the first time in our lives, surrounded by folks who were laughing, singing and chanting, “USA! USA!” It seemed less like a political rally and more like a stroll through the Olympic Village.

…. “The happiest, most fun-loving “angry mob” i’ve ever been part of.”

Indeed, a “life altering moment”…and rising 🙂

The 9/12 rally was a life altering moment for many of the Libertarians, Independents and Conservatives who showed up. After years of being vilified by the press and ostracized by liberal friends, family and co-workers we now understand that there is strength in numbers. We’re not going away.

As I feel today, I will never, EVER, blindly follow another politician or bloviating pundit who tells me how to think and feel and like and hate! Dissent is STILL patriotic and one helluva party!

One more thing, the media may have pounced on the dozen or so “fringe” signs to “report” on to prove we’re “nutjobs”, but they seemed to have failed covering the “counter” protest by our Dem friends at Organizing Obots for America. Thank goodness for real citizen journalists:

Sophia Elena reporting from Washington D.C. at the March on Washington on September 13, 2009, an event promoted on Organizing for America’s website. A small group gathered at Upper Senate Park, and marched around the fountain. Time lapse footage of protesters marching around the fountain and footage from the wall of the landscaping illustrate the gathering of people who attended the event.

Til next time….party on!


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2 responses to “Libertarians, Independents, Conservatives AND Dems, Oh My!

  1. lol. love the counter protest. that was…something. lol. How could the media not cover that amazing event. lmao.

  2. Those of you that say, “Government” is the problem and that our economic salvation is to get government off our backs and to let the private sector without government interference be free to do what it does best for the system of capitalism and America!
    You IDIOTS that believe this dogmatic Libertarian nonsense are truly blind to our recent American history!
    The democrats have replaced the republicans as the “party in power” because of the obvious reason that the democratic party represents the “end of the Republican Era,” of “unrestrained capitalism,” that is allowed to run wild, without government oversight, as they pursue the “all mighty dollar!”
    The economic collapse of the world market economy occurred during the Bush regime that cared little about the common good and only cared about investors making a quick profit, … and the “public be damned!”
    The present day “Republicans” have gone so far to the extreeme and are allied with the out of touch backward thinking Libertarians that think that they know everything about economics but know nothing, except how to be greedy and anti-social, This type of activity is represented to their greedy anti-social followers, as being for “individual freedom.”
    This “republican extremism,” will very quickly dump the republican party into the “trash can,” of the no longer relevant political parties that existed in our no longer relevant past!
    With the disappearance of the no longer relevant “republicans,” from our modern day reality, I believe that their will be a new “political realignment.”
    The democrats will morph into the modern day, relevant conservative party, and a socialist leaning party will become a mainstream party in a modern day two party system.