Dear Entertainment Weekly…gag…


My First Letter to a “magazine”….

Long time subscriber, please consider this a shot over your bow. I love your publication, it used to entertain me, but lately, it hasn’t. I’m not unsubscribing yet…..

1. Ok, Dave in his boxers on the cover, not funny. As you can see by my email address, I use his Ed address, so long time fan, until he just got too “creepy” to be funny, mostly because he’s mean spirited which is never funny. Nothing funny about f**king the office gals. His mom must be proud 😦 And Regina? And Harry? What were you thinking? Tacky.

2. Tina Fey always farts rainbows in your reviews. I hate, HATE 30 Rock because the cast is so annoying in real life. But that’s my personal problem. I love comedy over the top, but that’s The Office and Parks and Recreation, not 30 Rock. Stop shoving it down my throat. I hate the Nielsens too, but this is the only time I agree with them.

3. Palin’s book sales are “stacked so high Russia can see them”? I can’t wait for your review…groan. Why was that comment so far out from the “target”? Obviously you just don’t LIKE her? That’s ok, I don’t have to like your pithy comment either.

4. Two and a half Men has 4th grade humor? You gave it a D??? It’s my favorite show, and you insulted me! So this should prove I know the difference between personal problems (charlie sheen) and professional (Dave). I love the gift and art of humor, but not on the personal level. There’s a reason why Two Men has been the top comedy for YEARS!? D’oh me. Obviously you were annoyed that Jon Cryer won the Emmy over one of your favs too. So sad. Count me in their demographic and your readership.

5. Jay Leno’s boring because he’s apolitical? WTF? That’s entertainment nightly! We watch Jay to get away from politics! I watch Conan too. So I must be boring? I love the Jimmys and Craig, so I’m not totally a dork.

As a recovering knee-jerk liberal, trending independent, I’d really like to have an escape from politics all together. SNL used to be funny until they slobbered Obama. Et tu? Love Armisen, but he’s no Hartman or Hammond. Tell, no implore, Lorne to bring in a:

or a….

Thank you for your time. Now, get back to your job of “entertaining me weekly”. Think Independent!


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5 responses to “Dear Entertainment Weekly…gag…

  1. I see where they were going with this picture and it might have been funny if one were not constantly worried that Dave was going to jump off the cover and hump one’s leg.

    And your right, 2 1/2 men is one of the funniest shows on TV.

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