Veterans Day 2009

Thank you for your service and sacrifices.


Korean War Memorial, Washington D.C.


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3 responses to “Veterans Day 2009

  1. G1919

    In America, we set aside one official day each year to celebrate the military veterans whose daily sacrifice makes our very liberty possible. But wouldn’t it be more appropriate if we considered each and every day to be Veteran’s Day? For don’t we daily enjoy life’s simple freedoms as a direct result of the troops’ continuing commitment to our preservation? Don’t our nation’s heroes earn our daily praise and support? The Wounded Warriors Family Support (WWFS) organization, certainly thinks so. The WWFS provides support not only to soldiers, but also to the children and the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. The WWFS adheres to the simple premise that “When America goes to War…Our Families Go to War.” As we seek ways in which we can daily honor our veterans, let’s be sure to support groups like the WWFS, who work to strengthen those families in traumatic transition…not just on Veteran’s Day, but the whole year around.

    • Thank you for sharing. I’ve appreciated veterans all my life, as a granddaughter, daughter, niece, and wife. Hell, my dependent’s i.d. card has never expired. Indeed, I’ve been to war many times, even born at a Navy Yard, to 2 Marines. Yay me, a first year member of the Boomer Generation!

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