Sarah Palin stalked by rogue liberal media madwoman

Thank goodness for security.

See C4P for more book tour coverage, videos, news items and trip reports. No security needed !

Speaking of C4P, HillBuzz is excited about working with them on the Clinton/Palin Consensus Series in anticipation of a Coffee Summit in the future. Wouldn’t that be fun 🙂

Update: Young fan ambushed by Norah O’Donnell and writes a diary about the experience. What is up with these nasty NBC people?

You can read her diary here.


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28 responses to “Sarah Palin stalked by rogue liberal media madwoman

  1. Elle

    Omigod! What a foul faced reporter. SP looks like she’s pointing to say “Oh dear, I guess she forgot her thorazine along with her curling iron.”

  2. SYD


    That made my day!

    Go Sarah!!

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  4. Mary Quite-Contrary

    Oh noes. AndreaMitchellNBCNews must have been pointing out to Gov. Palin “you won’t get a crowd like this in NYC!!! And, “I know Keith Olberman. Personally!!!”

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  6. KJMontana

    Good Lord. Andrea Mitchell looks like something the cat ate and then hacked up.

  7. You guys saw Single White Female, right?

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  11. amy

    Can you believe how desperate? Every knows this is Alan Greenspan’s wife don’t you?

  12. Anonymous

    look at that puss!

  13. I think Treacher’s onto something with the “Single White Female” thing. Mitchell has started dressing like Sarah Palin.

  14. Barefoot Doctor

    Andrea, go take care of your spouse while we take care of the economy.

  15. wow, who is the blonde hateful b1tch! lol wow. she really needs a smile to brighten her day. she must be a leftist. they’re all grumpy nags.

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  17. Red Star

    Yea, looks like a whacked out liberal Bi^%$h

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  20. jerry32

    Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews….they make Nancy Grace seem normal. Any wonder why ratings are down for these morons?

  21. bandit

    Didn’t security have tasers?

  22. David Johnson

    Oh my God… who beat that blonde woman with an ugly stick?

  23. benjamin

    I feel sorry for Andrea for not seen as an elite media correspondent.
    Do you see the difference between these two gentleladies?A liberal
    always looks sad because he or she has a resentment in heart.
    Have you ever seen Secretary Hilary Clinton smile? A conservative always smiles like for Gov Sarah Palin and former First Lady Laura
    Bush or for First Lady Barbara Bush.
    What goes around comes around Andrea Mitchell.Please behave and you
    will be treated nicely by the Conservative Movement.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving Day.


    PHOTO was stolen by NEWSWEEK. Wonder if Runner’s World can sue them?

  25. Nozzghoull

    Yep, typical ugly bitter liberal hag with an axe to grind. Crawl back under your rock moonbat!
    Go Sarah!

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