Harry Reid CAN be sent packing in 2010 ! Support Sue Lowden!

No offense Harry, I never did like you and your union thugs back in Nevada, and I especially hate that you lead the Senate with a lack of cajones and spine. You are now helping our country circle the drain for political payback. Had enough?

Meet Sue Lowden:

…..and she’s spanking Harry Reid nine ways to Christmas !


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8 responses to “Harry Reid CAN be sent packing in 2010 ! Support Sue Lowden!

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  2. Granola Conservative

    Don’t Sit Home – Clean the Dome 2010!!

  3. Yes! Another like-minded individual. Thank you for your positive posts. If you’re in the vicinity, how about joining me as a volunteer on Sue’s campaign? Any campaign is only as good as the activist’s it attracts. I post on blogger, as well as wordpress. Hope to run into you again.

  4. Liberal

    “If you can cast doubt on the abilities and skills of others, there is no end to the the things that you can fail at without being noticed.”

    Would one of those things be writing a coherent sentence?

  5. Patrick

    Yes! Don’t support tort reform, just pay your doctor with CHICKENS!

  6. Bob

    A grammar check might help your cause, smart guy.

  7. Patrick

    Do you really support the woman whose idea of meaningful reform is reverting back to an ancient bartering system which people only used because they had not developed a unit of currency? Oh. Say it ain’t so Joe! 😉