Oh Noes, “House Hunters” iz fake too !?

Only in Obama’s World of Magical Acorn Beans and Free Ponies, another dream crushed in another fantasyland, teevee.

You can read the behind the “House Hunters” production scenes dish in this Chicago Tribune article, and a snip:

” ‘House Hunters’ is house candy,” Rojas said. “It’s not realistic. It’s directed. You don’t learn anything about buying. You learn about real estate values. You learn about how houses look.”

While indeed the hunters do buy the house chosen in the end, it was already bought, qualified and closed on by the time they started shooting the episode, possibly never even seeing the other two homes before buying?

Kinda takes the fun out of it for me, especially that I’ve been addicted to an informercial for home improvements all this time. Now when a whiney hunter moans “I want granite kitchen countertops, shiny appliances and a garden tub in the master bath” and ends up a house that has none of those amenities, I’ll wonder if that’s commercially scripted? I hope so, because I can’t imagine someone not buying my beautiful lakefront home because of my blah kitchen countertops, vanilla appliances and only a shower in the master bath.
I wouldn’t think so. Right?


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  2. Derrick

    Does it seem to you that the purchasers would in “no way” qualify for the loans?? I just watched a “first time buyer” get a 500k home w/pool? Come on! Fully furnished from Ethan A. and all in under a month?? Do they have to sign a 100 year mortgage? The younger the couple; the less they are willing to make allowances for… an historical home without granite! JUst Gross, huh. It is interesting to see what homes are available and the price differences. But we all know a block or two in a big city could be the difference in $15 a square or $105 a foot.