The HC Summit Hero – Rep. Paul Ryan

***video was removed from youtube for a “terms of use” violation. Or was it? Heh. Well, it did make Obama look bad. Sorry for the inconvenience***

via Conservative Cave <—–you can still enjoy the comments here.

Rep. Ryan gives me hope for change 🙂


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3 responses to “The HC Summit Hero – Rep. Paul Ryan

  1. Lynn

    Hi Denise! I finally got here. Let’s roll, 🙂

  2. Hey Lynn ! Welcome to my little playground which proves…..if I can manage a blog, ANYONE can (hint, hint). LOL.

    I think you’d be better at this than I am, you’re a fabulous writer. Me? Eh. Much rather play in HillBuzz and Birdie’s sandboxes…they soothe my soul with so many like minds 😀