An Idea for Mrs. Obama’s NoKidFatBehind(tm) Task Force

Welcome to Boswyck Farms, where more than trees can grow in Brooklyn.

Tomatoes grow in 5-gallon buckets at Boswyck Farms, a loft near the DeKalb L-train stop. — Photos by Aaron Short

I enjoyed this interview over at the BushwickBK blog, which also highlights other links for those interested in urban farming…..and kids moving while enjoying a new hobby. The lightbulb went on when I read from the interview:

(Lee) Mandell is not producing enough vegetables and herbs to feed, say, a food co-op, but he is looking to instruct students in elementary school and high school. His partner, Joanna Burgeis, has worked to design a curriculum that plucks lessons from hydroponics. Fourth-graders and high-school students create their own passive systems and record data as their plants grow over a period of time.

“It’s not a straight-up lecture. The kids are moving around,” said Burgeis. “Kids just learn better if it is project-based and they learn about failure and how to fix failure.”

And who knows, kids may just learn to eat better too! If every school in America designated 200 sq ft or more to this type of learning lab, the kids will be assured fresh salads all winter too!

(and thanks to Lynn at Newsbird for NKFB !)


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5 responses to “An Idea for Mrs. Obama’s NoKidFatBehind(tm) Task Force

  1. Lynn II

    You are the resident genius. I keep telling you the ideas just bubble up. This is the best idea I have ever seen for kids to learn and move.

  2. Wow! I have tiny seedlings at this point – just took them outside yesterday.
    I am planning to start a gardening group at my daughter’s school – I’ll check that for ideas.

  3. Well, d’oh. Doesn’t anyone listen to me at the NKFB(tm) headquarters?