Remember November ! (video)

Hell yeah.

And always a good discussion at Hot Air, allahpundit writes:

A dynamite little piece of expressionism from Haley Barbour and the Republican Governors Association, aimed at synthesizing the mood of angry grassroots would-be donors. The message is familiar, but between the HD, the F/X, and the editing, the production values are light years ahead of the usual DNC/RNC crap. If they’re looking to get attention, this’ll help.


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2 responses to “Remember November ! (video)

  1. That gives me some real hope! Excellent – we need more of these dynamite little visual aids .

    I saw Obama on Glenn Beck talking about how bad AZ new immigration law was. He has never looked more demonic. AZ is hitting him at the heart of his goal for open borders and one world power. That shook me up.