Putting on the Glitz at Club 1600

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Meanwhile, a couple of blocks away from the Casa Blanca:


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6 responses to “Putting on the Glitz at Club 1600

  1. Lynn II

    There they are, the WONs who care for the poor and downtrodden. No, not the ones on the sidewalk helping the homeless, the “keepin it real” WONs in the tent spending lavishly on donors and other assorted dignitaries who really, really, count…..toward the next election. Gauche and ugly to say the very least.

  2. omg – that looks even more lavish than the first on. But I have to give them credit – the design is absolutely fabulous. There is a Mexican Fiesta feeling in the tent.
    Have other prez done state dinners as expensive as the Obama’s have done?
    Over the top glitzy dresses and temporary party palaces costing at least $200K maybe more – $100K does not get much in DC, maybe a vote.

    Is that a line of people marching with homeless and other signs? How arrogant if these grifters to keep the demonstrators out of sight. Why can’t they order the anti-gay protester to stay a few blocks away during fallen hero burials? Oh yeah, it’s called free speech.

    • Actually, the homeless march was at another time, sorry if that was misleading.

      I think there’s always protestors across from the WH at any given time, but the media ignores them.

  3. Lynn II

    Just a note;
    My avatar is called the “Teardrop”, given to the US by Russia to commemorate the 911 attacks. It sits on the Jersey shoreline, if I remember correctly, a fitting monument to all those who perished on 911. It’s the only memorial of remembrance we have, all the others have yet to be built.