It’s come to this…at “our” front door ?

Union thugs knocking that is……

Via iOwntheworld

Then I found the skinny via the alert from LynnII over at Newsbird

Without a permit 😦

Well at least BOA is still ACORN and Obama’s friend !


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5 responses to “It’s come to this…at “our” front door ?

  1. The THUGS who invaded that Family’s property were ESCORTED TO HIS HOME BY THE DC POLICE!!!

  2. Of course they’ll deny it. And they can hide behind their UNIONS and their badges.

  3. Hot Air has more details:

    Apparently SEIU owes BoA about 90 million dollars and thought thug tactics against a private citizen would stop foreclosures.

  4. The union “bosses” have pillaged the accounts and can’t fulfill their commitments to their members. That’s why they fought for socialized healthcare. That’s why they’re fighting to steal your 401k’s and that’s why they’re using THUGGERY to get what they feel they’re “entitled” to. The evil usurpers in our White House are indebted to them now, so they feel they can do whatever they want to us. The end justifies the means…… in THEIR eyes. Chicago style THUGGERY….. ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. Why not? The regime does it.