Everyone knows the bird is the word !

First, Ms. Pelosi’s favorite word, via Not Your Sweetie…..

Now the word is explained by The Trashmen (1963) via a video by JJTanen….

***Warning: Images may upset the sensitive***

JJTanen — August 20, 2006 — The Surfin’ Bird (Forty-two Years Later)
JULY 24, 2009 UPDATE, 493,106 views: So there’s been a lot of debate, 2000+ posts: praising, lambasting, debates, jokes, stupidity… let me clear up some things… Foremost, I’m not taking a side. If you think I am, that’s your own bias. None of these clips are from major news agencies; Not a snuff film, there was much more graphic footage. I did want this to make people think; I believe it has, and I appreciate the good ratings. It shows that a technically amateurish independent video can be moving, too.

Notes: The Trashmen’s Surfin’ Bird (1963) was an ode to Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. Not sped it up because I’m not Kubrick. Sound quality is poor because I wanted there to be a feeling of grit, anguish. Song was not chosen to be ‘comical’, rather as a greater ‘human tragedy’, nonsensical.

Guide to video shots here.

Now we know what Nancy Pelosi’s favorite word should be……Peace.

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