Michelle’s fake visit to Camp Pendleton (via Newsbird’s Views)

Michelle's fake visit to Camp Pendleton I am sick – sick to a point of exploding – sick of these two grifters and their gang who have taken over the country and the White House. Sick of them using our military and our children as reasons to fly across the country in support of democrats for 2010 elections. "I've issued a national challenge — a challenge to every sector of American society to mobilize and take action to support and engage our military families." How noble is her sacrif … Read More

via Newsbird's Views

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  1. Newsbird is the antidote to Obama Worship sites and she’s right as usual. Reid, then Boxer ? These are campaign visits under the guise of her “caring” about fat kids and our troops. That is, unless MO starts taking Republicans to these “events”.