For the people who think they’re crazy enough to change the world….

……yes you can, and you will !

h/t Hampton Roads Tea Party


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9 responses to “For the people who think they’re crazy enough to change the world….

  1. Lynn II

    I’m just crazy enough to believe that absolutely.
    Never give up, never surrender!!

  2. 100 Americans the Left Hates the Most !

    Click to access 100americans-pg1.pdf

    Tea Party Patriots are #7 !!!!

  3. J.J. Sefton

    Right on my brothers and sisters! I just returned from a trip to Istanbul where the words “CRUEL ISRAEL” were emblazoned on a signpost near the oldest synagogue in that city. I was heartbroken. Now, back in NYC, I walked past a group of Quisling Jew-haters on Houston Street peddling their filthy propaganda-laden rags.

    I am fighting mad. Mad as hell.


    • I’m so tired of the hatin’ too. Why I’m not a Dem anymore, I want to be FOR someone or something, not always against everything !

  4. Lynn II

    August is a meet up in Washington. Beck’s talking about it. Not sure of the date, but you think you might find some info on it for some of us who want to go?

    • I’ve got info for 8-28 and 9-12, I think I’ll make a blog post with the linkys. Great idea! Then I can find the info too 🙂

      Check with the local tea party folks too. Ours has buses going for both events.

  5. hi there, nice video. I’ve attended a few HRTP events here and there too. Sometimes I wonder if folks like you and me are “too little too late,” but that doesn’t matter. I’m too stubborn to quit. lol

    • Hi Linda!

      We’re not too late, we’re the “crazy” people in that video! Just like the “crazy” people going up against Big Oil in my next post (er, reblog).

      Don’t you ever quit what you feel in your heart, it’s the passion that makes our country so great!

    • Lynn II

      You’re not alone out there. It’s never too late to stand up and be heard.
      Never give up, never ever surrender.