Governor Brewer “disappointed.” Obama sends more aid to Mexico than our US national guards on border. (via Cubachi)

I watched Greta's show "On The Record" last night with an annoyed Governor Jan Brewer who is trying to enforce immigration laws in her state as well as get control of the dangerous and precarious situation on the border. Parts of Arizona are now under control of the Mexican drug cartels, and citizens are frightened that they may be a victim of murder. Phoenix is second to Mexico City for most kidnappings in the world. Since when did we become a t … Read More

via Cubachi

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One response to “Governor Brewer “disappointed.” Obama sends more aid to Mexico than our US national guards on border. (via Cubachi)

  1. I wish Arizonans could make a class action law suit against Obama for any crimes and the money spent on these criminals inside AZ. If the Mexicans get the idea that Obama will be able to grant amnesty (make them legal but not citizens) we will have a flood of Mexicans trashing thru our beautiful desert.

    My comprehensive immigration reform:
    We need immigrants but lets be selective – people have to have a job and no criminal record (in any country) before they get a working visa, and amnesty if they are here illegally.
    They have to speak English enough to be able to communicate at work and read/write on their job.
    First 5 year waiting period to get greencard.
    Then 5 year waiting period to get citizenship.
    They can’t go on welfare or commit a crime during the 10 year path to citizenship.
    One year on welfare or one serious crime and we ship them back.

    And I believe all employed people should be require to have disability insurance which pays 60% of their wage until age 65. Aren’t working people (or their employers) already paying for unemployment benefits? No tapping into social security for disability like most disability insurance companies do today – they subtract SS disability payments from the 60% disability insurance payments and that’s wrong.