Krista Branch: “I Am America”

“……two parties, same results….”

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I wanted to take a moment to contact you regarding advancing the cause of conservatism. I’m an independent music artist who is also deeply concerned about the direction our country is headed under this administration.

    Like so many other Americans I love our country, and value the principals it was founded on, and fear for her future if we do not stand up and stop this madness that is undermining everything America was founded on.

    Enclosed please find the link to a song I wrote over weekend of the 9/12 March titled “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    My desire is to inspire Americans who are frustrated and feel discouraged to become invigorated to stand up and take back our Republic. Although I am not signed to a record label, my song is copy written and self-published.
    I’m working to get my song out to the American people so they can hear it and become inspired to get out and VOTE this November.

    I’m contacting people in the media who share similar views and who may be interested in using my song on shows, etc. or who can help get the word out about it. As an unsigned artist with limited resources there are only so many places I can get it out to.

    The upcoming elections in November 2010, as well as the next Presidential election will determine what America will become. I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that we citizens will unite and fight to keep our Republic the way it was intended. Liberty, Justice and Freedom for every citizen, and for us to be governed for the People and By the People as our Constitution instructs.

    Thank you for standing up and talking about what many do not want to. When hear of people who share my values, I know I am not alone in my concerns, and I feel hope that we really can stop our country from changing into something we will not recognize in ten years.

    Thank you for your time, God bless.

    Ava Aston