Nothing says “I care” like a fashion statement…

…of Gulf Coast beachy tar ball blobs ?

Here’s the shirt again, in action….

….and she’s outta there!

H/T Granny Jan at Newsbird

Be sure to stop by MOTUS for a more in depth report on the First Lady’s visit and ice cream 🙂

Update: The Daily Caller calls it Dressed for Disaster. Could start a trend for solidarity with other disasters?

Per a fashion website, the oil stained drawstring top is from from Thakoon Pre-Spring 2010 collection.


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9 responses to “Nothing says “I care” like a fashion statement…

  1. What is that white string sticking out of her armhole?

  2. Ladyhawkke

    It looks like the underwire to her bra. LOL!

  3. Ladyhawkke

    sorry for the duplicate, didn’t see the first post.

  4. ain’t she cute?????NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. aurora7777

    Start at the bracelets, and go down. Is that a swaddled dead baby?