Who’s your Mama Grizzly ?

According to Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times:

Graphic courtesy of Another Thousand Words and a luscious video preview by Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty

…and who knew TMZ would bring us the fresh air….

Via Hot Air, with more photos at TMZ


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2 responses to “Who’s your Mama Grizzly ?

  1. Sorry, VB, forgot to comment here and thank you so very much for posting my Photoshop (TM) talents.

    I was given a copy of P’shop in 2005 by an old friend from my ‘video days’, who told me, “Learn it! I know you will.” Guess he knew me quite well, because Back in the late 80s, I learned and did 2-D and 3-D animation for several production houses in Milwaukee.

    I will reiterate that you and others have the right to use any of my ‘shops, as they turn up.

    And I must say, I think the new look of your site is quite refreshing–clean and crispp!

    Take good care,