Congratulations Chelsea and Marc !

Once upon a time…….another couple began their journey…..

October 11, 1975

May your joys be as bright as the morning,
your years of happiness
as numerous as the stars in the heavens,
and your troubles but shadows
that fade in the sunlight of love.
— An Old English Blessing

Photo via Us

Enjoy a nice look back to other First Daughter Weddings.


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13 responses to “Congratulations Chelsea and Marc !

  1. Wishing you A house full of sunshine, Hearts full of cheer, Love that grows deeper each day of the year. ~
    share this Wedding blessings saying Welsh blessing

  2. jd

    Wow-Hillary was prettier than most pictures I’ve seen of her.
    The slide show was nice,too. Thank you

  3. Large crowds are gathering now:

    It is the closest thing we Americans have to royals 🙂

  4. jd

    TMZ website also had a picture of Hill and Bill (I don’t know how to link) and Hillary looked really happy and relaxed. Bill looked really pale, but maybe it is hard for a dad to marry off a daughter. I think mothers realize that every new step in their daughter lives bring the mothers and daughters closer. At least thats how it was when my daughters got married and had children.

  5. jd

    Thank you. She looks very happy-almost radient-but he looks pale. Can’t wait until pictures of Chelsea are posted. I am way too vain to be a person whose every picture would be evaluated by thousands of people the way theirs are. Maybe not vain, maybe just too insecure. I used to think how awful it would be to be Chelsea. Being a pre-teen is hard enough, but to have the whole world always commenting on your looks would make it worse. Knowing that she came out of that and now is a young lady getting married, I think is the reason everybody is happy about today. It is not that the Clintons are royalty (I read somewhere that some people think they are) but instead its that we have all been through so much with them, and we are happy that they are happy.

  6. I loved the photo you posted! I smiled all day yesterday thinking of them!

  7. That’s sweet! LOL Bill looks cuter than Hillary. Hillary has improved with age. I wish she would also have lost weight for the wedding – women get heart attacks too.

  8. Vicki

    Your photos are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful life!