Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List

I’m not kidding.

photo via the UK Daily Mail


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5 responses to “Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List

  1. Lynn II

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…….more like Mad Magazine.

  2. Everything is too large!!! The sunglasses don’t do her any good and they look real heavy – what a load on her nose but I bet they cost her several hundred. I finally spent some money on a great pair of Maui Jim almost weightless sun glasses – I just love them,they look great and weigh nothing.

    That rack of beads looks uglier each time – is it decaying? If I had discoloration in by armpit I would hold my arm down. She is super clueless about how she looks.

  3. YIKES!

    This stupid thang is NOT a repesentation of normal Americans and their values.

    I pray, many times, every day:

    Please deliver us of Obama and ALL of his ilk!

  4. jd

    Are these the officially released photos?

  5. topzpinnn

    she is grotesque!! the most Grotesque First Lady ever!!!! how depressing to be bombarded with her fugg muggg just about every damn day
    she needs to stop wearing revealing flimsy tops/dresses. And she needs to get those nasty pits covered – all the time!