Behold ! Perception!

Via Newsbird, Pajamas Media and Instapundit

Possibly our 2012 Overture?


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5 responses to “Behold ! Perception!

  1. jd

    Sooooooooo funny! On another blog (the-two-malcotents) they had a funny picture of Moo’s lunch with the royals. In the picture Moo wore the shorts outfit that she wore to the
    Grand Canyon. So I guess it could have been worse!

    • I’m having fun with all the snark out there. I have a cartoon I’ll put up soon, but just posted your Chinese video from Newsbird 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for posting these two wonderful Photoshop (TM) portraits of the “worst president evah” and his biyotch wife, Shelly Antoinette. (Wish I had done them myself!)

    The video was magnificent, and I encourage other viewers to watch some ot the others in the line-up below. Nice music and great scenery for a Tuesday Morning!

  3. Ethel

    These two are so hilarious, I am laughing so hard I might w*t my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!