“Miss Me Yet?” : Carter-Clinton-Bush Edition

Well, do you?

YOU decide 🙂


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3 responses to ““Miss Me Yet?” : Carter-Clinton-Bush Edition

  1. Janis

    I love that pic of Clinton. He’s the only president we’ve ever had that I can imagine just up and laughing his ass clean off. I still remember that time that Boris Yeltsin almost had him turning purple and passing out at a press event someplace. That was freakin HILARIOUS.

  2. I am so stealing that Clinton poster!

    Damn straight I miss Bill!!

    • Janis

      And he’s the ONLY one out of that crowd that I miss. Carter was a doof — funny how no granola liberals I know of hate his guts for having the same position on abortion as Palin, though — and Bush was just as much of a braindead idiot as he was made out to be.

      Clinton, though? Yep. Miss him like fire.