8.28.10 Restoring Honor Rally, Being There at 30th Porta-potty and beyond!

I’ll never be a photojournalist as I have so much fun at these events, I forget to take photos! There are no photos of myself, husband or friends here, which I’m sure will disappoint my trolling fanbase 😉 Now comes the hard part, writing about what photos I did take…..

Arrived at 6 a.m. and grabbed the closest spot near the main stage, or about “30 porta-potties” away and under the trees that “hide people” in the AP photo. This is what it looked like from my spot……can you see the stage through the branches? Couldn’t see sh*t, but the sound system was awesome!

Now a look to my left. Guestimating the time about 7 a.m. at this point, because there is still breathing room. Notice the reflecting poolside was full. By the time the rally started 3 hours later, I couldn’t lift my camera, we were packed in like little patriotic sardines (still under those trees, you don’t see us! So we don’t “count”, heh).

After about 5 hours of sitting, and an hour into the rally speeches, decided to take a walk up to the Washington Monument……..in no particular order, views from the hill and base of the monument. By the time I left, the hill was solid with happy patriotic people, probably because they got more sleep and arrived later. Notice all the trees….yep, people armpit to fanny under them.

The most amazing and constant thing I observed during my walkies around this national gathering, that people were arriving continually throughout the event…..from everywhere I could see. Thousands more didn’t make it in, like my son’s family from Reston, VA, there was a several mile backup of traffic ….. just to the Vienna, VA metro station. So they went home 😦 I told them, they’re “counted” !


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5 responses to “8.28.10 Restoring Honor Rally, Being There at 30th Porta-potty and beyond!

  1. Lynn II

    Good pics, good job. 🙂
    Hope someone did a video for BO and Gibberish. A charming coming home gift.

    • Nope, nothing to see here, so BO won’t see any of it. When we checked the local news Sat. nite in DC, the reporters were staring like deer in the headlights, I think they heard us?

  2. Louie

    well done!

    • Thanks Louie. Wish you were there. Hard to describe the experience via my amateur lens. I think there’s more to come, about 95% of the peeps there had cameras……this week will be amazing when they post their photos.

  3. jd

    I never even thought about the local news stations! They really did not cover it? That is a story in itself! Thanks for the pictures.