Oh Ladies, Which *Offends* You More ?

1. A lady just doing her job………?

2 …or a lady who’s doing just her job….?

I choose #1. As in, #2 is a great parody, though I think it offends witches 🙂


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2 responses to “Oh Ladies, Which *Offends* You More ?

  1. Swannie

    I know some pagans will get all bent out of shape about the witch thing, but it is a direct and authentic reference to a character in literature and a part in a movie ; which also contains a reference to a good witch as a major character as well. So, no this is not an equal offensive opportunity .So all you wanna be wicked witches out there … remember what Glinda said ..only BAD witches are ugly ! The reporter is being pilloried for being attractive , and it is disgusting . No one is asking the football players why their uniforms are so tight.